In the fall of 2015 a ParticleTrap were bought and tested in the last step of waste water filtration by Zinkgruvan Mining AB.
The results are very promising, around 50% additional particles captured from already approved leachate water, an estimate of 15% is minerals of interest increasing overall yield. Only siphon energy was used in the tests.


ParticleTrap™ is of great interest in the pharmaceutical industry with its high precision particle separation, low pressure drop and minor maintenance needs. In collaboration with Örebro University, AstraZeneca studied computer models - results in the range of 99-100% separation.

This was later validated with live equipment in their laboratories showing even better results and a very low pressure drop at 15Pa in operation.


Several restaurants had ParticleTraps™ operating in their kitchens during 2000-2009.
ParticleTrap™ separated fat into containers for easy disposal. It was later replaced by Ozon Technology which works by oxidation. 

Vattenfall AB

Burning of materials in co-generation plants gives of fly-, and bed ash which needs to be separated to protect the environment.
During 2012 Vattenfall AB performed tests with a single ParticleTrap™. Partial sorting with a clear trend of heavy particles on lower shelves and lighter particles in succeeding shelves was observed.

The collected material consists of particles found in the periodic table some of which are As, Cl, Hg, Cd, Sb, Pb, Sn, S, Ca, Cr, Mo, P, LOI, Mn, Zn, Cu, Sr, F, Mg, Al, Si & Sc.

Mineral producing company, Sweden

A mineral producing company that prefers to be unnamed used a cluster of ParticleTraps™ on their finest mineral powder. The sizes range from 0.n-10 microns. Separation efficiency in the range of 99.5-99,96%.

Results and documentation available confidentially for partners.