Our Mission

Our Mission is to help industries improve on their particle separation needs in any type of flow such as in Air, Gas and Liquids.
We believe that there is profit to be made by a wide-range of industries while simultaneously reducing environmental impact by using a more sustainable application.


  • Operates in the range from very low pressure up to extremely high pressure
  • Collects particles of any type such as spherical, elliptical, flat, circular and formless particles - regardless of mass
  • Separates, sorts and enriches minerals in mining operations with higher efficiency than other cyclonic technologies in use today
  • Improves air quality as a filter in inlets/outlets in industries, workshops, medical appliances, livestock production, and more
  • Collects particles out of emissions from co-generation plants and other combustion processes which can be processed and reused as raw material
  • Improves water quality in water purification processes, livestock production and various types of waste water
  • Is a cost efficient application in the pharmaceutical industry - less maintenance work, low pressure drop and finer separation saving energy and valuable material
  • Increases general recycling efficiency by separating and sorting fine particles down to 0.n micron
  • Might be of interest in the oil industry harnessing gases instead of flaring them
  • Filters sand, bacteria and other material in desalination & water reuse operations such as in SWRO-plants (Sea Water Reverse Osmosis)
  • Sorts by fraction ex; 1µ, 2µ, 3µ, 4µ and up

ParticleTrap™ is a filter that separates all types of particles. Thanks to its design it doesn’t require maintenance like traditional filters which results in minimal pressure drop. These properties means cost efficiency in terms of both energy consumption and down time for cleaning.
— Thorsten Boström, Inkubera