ParticleTrap News - March 2019

During the last 12 months the following achievements has been made by Conny Norman Company (CNC):


1. Aluminum powder of sizes 0-20 and 20-40 micron were fractioned and sorted in bags. Surprisingly; gemstone crystals were separated from the aluminium powder.

2. We have delivered 4 ParticleTraps to customers and more in progress.

3. Several new agreements have been signed during the last 6 months.

4. CNC visited India in January 2019 to setup various tests in liquid and air-flows. CNC shared know-how to the customer of how to best utilise the technology platform. We look forward to the continuation of this collaboration.

5. IVL - Swedish Environmental Institute has concluded the first part of tests using a ParticleTrap on waste water on the behalf of one of our customers.

6. IVL - Swedish Environmental Institute has started a new branch in India and asked CNC for possible collaboration.

7. CNC now have ParticleTraps in stock for faster delivery and reduced time to start new projects.

8. We have begun working toward the United Kingdom and have a representative in this region.

9. CNC are in new dialogues with companies in Australia, Germany and the UK.

10. A large Swedish industry have begun testing our technology to make improvements to their processes.