Successful 'Proof of Concept' concluded in medical research study

Photo: Anna Asplund

Photo: Anna Asplund

A collaboration between innovator Conny Norman and the faculty of Örebro University has concluded a successful 'Proof of Concept' for medical application of ParticleTrap™ technology.

Doctoral student Randy Boya together with associate professor and senior lecturer Mikael Ivarsson is working on the medical research study involving a 3D-printed ParticleTrap™. The unit is specifically designed to separate various body fluids in laboratory environment. During the spring of 2018 the team performed tests leading up to the conclusion of 'Proof of Concept' for this type of application.

They will now expand the efforts by applying for more funding, ordering more units and expanding the team working on this research in hopes of cures and treatments never before achieved.

Press release (in Swedish)