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Today there is international scientific consensus that most of the global warming observed is being caused by human activity. Rapid climate change is a fact and we all need to improve in terms of sustainability.

ParticleTrap™ is a patented filtration-, separation and enrichment technology which can help mitigate some of the environmental problems we face today. Industrial emissions can be reduced and captured particles can be processed and reused as raw material. ParticleTrap™ filters, separates and sorts particles by fraction without any static filters down to 0.n micron in Air, Gas and Liquids.


1. Principle of general use

2. Principle example of mining enrichment

Note: Animations are simplified.

“ParticleTrap™ is the first significant breakthrough in over a 100 years in the filtration- and separation field.”
— Hans Wollblad, former Chief Engineer & Area Manager at Pilum Industrifilter AB, Sweden

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